Youth Training (5-13)

Introduction to exercise training by certified instructors. Great for new athletes needing first exposure to “working out”.

Small Class Settings Include:

  • Builds quickness, strength, power SAFELY
  • Evolving workouts (not stale or boring)
  • Exercise & pace appropriate
  • Athletic sports development
  • Fast paced & fun for younger kids

Elite Performance Training (14+)

High school & college sports are more competitive than ever. All athletes train hard, but only the best train at an elite level. Xtreme-Speed combines years of personal and hands-on experience creating a training & development plan to help you achieve your goals.

Small Intense Class Settings Include:

  • Advanced speed, agility and acceleration training
  • Strength development and explosiveness training
  • Sport specific conditioning

Xtreme Speed Elite Athlete Class Benefits:

  • Flexibility, Mobility and Core Strength
  • Strength, Power, Acceleration and SpeedQuickness & Agility
  • Sport Specific Conditioning Level
  • Sports Nutrition

Team Training

Our Team Performance Training classes are organized, supervised, professionally run athletic performance training camps designed to not only increase performance and mental toughness, but also improve team unity and chemistry.

Contact for training times outside normal schedule.

1-9 Athletes $20 per athlete 
10-19 Athletes $15 per athlete
20+ Athletes $10 per athlete 

Semi Private Training 
2 Athletes $75 a session 
3 Athletes $105 a session 
4 Athletes $130 a session 

Our Training Programs Will Improve:

  • Muscular Strength to Decrease Injury Potential & Increase Power Output
  • First Step Explosion to “get to the ball” Quickly
  • Agility to Stop and Change Direction Quickly
  • Linear Acceleration for Break Away Speed
  • Dynamic Flexibility & Mobility
  • Reaction Time (Visual and Auditory)
  • Lateral Quickness
  • Physical and Mental Toughness
  • Sport Specific Metabolic Conditioning Level

Individual Training Session (1-on-1)

Flexible timeframes to meet demanding schedule (6am — 7pm slots available)

Program Benefits Include:

  • Personalized and tailored workout plans to achieve goals
  • Individual certified instructor
  • Great for rehabilitation needs

Adult Fitness

An Adult Fitness class designed for adults who are – or want – to get in better shape.

Xtreme Adult Fitness workouts are athletic based and created for entire body to increase strength, endurance, agility, range of motion and overall well being. An Xtreme coach will guide you through each one (1) hour session changing every workout for best results. Classes take place in a fun and challenging small group setting.  Our coaches are certified performance specialists who have worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

The benefits of exercise in our Adult Fitness program will make you look better, feel better, and perform better the Xtreme Speed way. If you are looking for a unique, motivating, results oriented workout program unlike anything available at a gym or personal trainer, Xtreme Speed Adult Fitness is for you!

Program Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility, Mobility and Core Strength
  • Strength, Speed & Agility
  • Self Confidence and Energy Level
  • Health, Wellness and Physique
  • Nutrition and Eating Habits


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