The Gym

Xtreme Speed is stocked with the latest and most effective training equipment. The 6000 square foot space is set up with different stations to maximize your workout and training experience. The main room is also perfectly suited for team training. The large single space allows teams to all work together, even when individual team members are focusing on their specific needs.

Upstairs you will find an MMA themed space with corresponding workouts. An MMA workout is about increasing speed, power, lactate threshold and training the muscles of the body to function together as a kinetic chain.

Also on the floor of Xtreme Speed is a basketball hoop for warming up but also for fun and recreation.


The TredSled? manual, non-motorized treadmill is the latest in weight room automation improving blocking, tackling, sprint acceleration and power. It combines a one-man sled and tethered-sled pulling with interactive treadmill technology. Training in groups of up to six, the exercises transforms workouts into competitions, challenging athletes to outperform themselves and their teammates.

The ideal sports performance training platform, linear and lateral speed and power training is taken to the highest level with the Woodway Pro Series. Sprinting is defined as the product of strike length and stride frequency.

Training with the Woodway tread mills takes both these components of sprinting to the next level by providing many training options including: Over-Speed training, Manual Speed, Uphill/Incline sprinting, and long distance running. These treadmills also feature the ability to be used moving backwards as well to on backpedal speed, strengthening, stretching, and coordination of the glutes and hamstrings.

Vertimax is a revulutionary sports specific training system designed to improve athletic performance in all sports requiring speed, power, and jumping. Very effective way to improve 40 times, vertical jump, and first step quickness.

The Prowler is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips and arms. The Prowler can be used in team situations and competitions and make for a great atmosphere. There is an added feature which allowed for weight plates to be added increased resistance.

The Power Pull is a patented resistance machine that take resistance to the next level. Power Pull will teach the athlete to run with the correct form and mechanics.

A standard piece of gym equipment used to work with athletes on developing overall power and explosiveness in the upper and lower body.

A standard piece of gym equipment designed to work on athletes with improving strength and power in the upper body.

Ranging from 5-125lbs.

Standard gym equipment used to work on strength, power, and physique with athletes. Dumbbells are used for many different exercises around the gym (often used in concert with benches) and allow athletes to work on strength training with a more natural and free range of motion. Also, improves the balance, muscle, and ligament strengthening and stabilization and core strength of the athletes as well.

Provides the coach or athlete with two sizes that can be quickly set to 6? or 12? heights. Can be used for numerous drills including lateral side step drills with high knees as well as jump and cut drills. A great tool to be used for the coach or athlete in the backyard to increase speed, power, and agility for all sports.

One of the most effective tools for simultaneously improving agility, coordination, and balance. A great tool to be used by athletes in any sport to work on change of direction and quickness.

SPARQ Power Bands can be use to strengthen leg muscles and increase joint stability for improved explosiveness.

Resistance training is a key element in improving power.

Speed jump rope is a simple and effective tool for developing speed, quickness, agility, and coordination. Jumping rope has long been an exercise done by athletes in every sport as a fundamental in their training regimen. This core piece of training equipment is perfect for use on an individual bases or during team workouts.

Provides power, explosiveness and core strength for the athlete in any sport. Come in is many different sizes and shapes providing a wide range of uses for athletes of any age

Gain speed, power and quickness by adding weight to an athlete?s strength and resistance training workouts. A widely use team training tool, the weighted bests can be used in a number of exercises ranging from plyometrics to resistance training. Assists in building overall strength and increasing quickness in other exercises.

Gain speed and quickness while developing overall strength and conditioning by using the Reebok Boards in training. Plyometric training with the speed boards helps and athlete to develop into an athlete ho is not only strong but powerful, but explosive and quick on their feet.

A necessity in any sports performance facility, these machines are utilized to strengthen and stretch the muscles and ligaments of the lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Utilization of this equipment is important for strengthening key components uses in speed training, but also as precautionary tool to help prevent, reduce, or treat injury.

Standard piece of equipment used for resistance training that allows a wide range of exercises and movements to be carried out.

This popular piece of equipment is utilized in the gym to attack and improve whole body fitness.

Kettle bells require an athlete to focus on whole-body conditioning because lifting and controlling a Kettle Bell forces the entire body, specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Kettle Bell workouts engage multiple muscle groups at once. In this way they are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time.

A popular, innovative piece of equipment that allows an athlete to focus on endurance, strength, balance, and stability. Doing exercises on the Balance Trainer requires you to maintain your center of gravity over a surface that in constantly changing.

Just standing on it is challenging, as your body moves and shifts into and out of balance. For athletes these balance trainers improve cardio, strength training, flexibility, sports conditioning, core training, balance, kinesthetic awareness and proprioception.

Stability balls, also known as balance trainers, or Swiss balls, can be incorporated into Pilates, weight training and many other fitness routines. These exercise balls have become an extremely popular way to increase core balance and abdominal fitness.

Jump boxes, also known as plyo platforms are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training such as plyometrics.

Plyo box jumping is a critical aspect of plyometric training because the exercises use not only your body weight, but also gravity to build muscle, power and stability. These boxes can also be utilized to work on jump landing, stability, balance and overall body control in jumps and explosive movement.

These pieces of equipment are often features in many top end MMA workouts. Tire flips are full body workouts that require explosive movements to carry out and improve overall power. They can be used as plyo boxes for jumping and for push-up workouts at different angles.

Usage of sledge hammers on the tires features a great core as well as upper body commercial focusing on upper-body explosiveness. These tools all help to improve athletes? total body power, kinetic chain, functional movement and cardiovascular fitness levels.

Placed on the shoulders Sandbags increase weight and difficulty of lover body workouts.

Used by power lifters to increase the performance in upper body lifts. These resistance tools provide a different and unique resistance to exercises that will challenge athletes? strength and ability to finish exercises more effectively when performed without.

Provides a safe form of resistance training to strengthen back muscles, grip, power, and kinetic pulling action.

Plastic marking devices that provide easy set up of drills and sprints to be carried out in a functional setting. Realistic athletic movements are necessary for the body to complete while working on strength and speed so improvement can carry over to the competition setting.

Commonly used for balance training, self-myofascial release, self massage, and stretching.

This bar is designed in a hexagonal form making it easy to step in and out of the bar, ideal for shrugs and dead lifts. This bar is used for weight training in the lower body to produce explosive and safe movement. It is also used to strengthen upper body resistance and grip strength.

A relatively simple piece of equipment which delivers amazing benefits. Whether is be a full body workout, sharpened self defense skills, improving physique, or an all out core workout, traditional punching bags are very beneficial as part of overall fitness.

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